Sunday, May 26, 2024

Fort Saskatchewan is Fantastic

A fairly unreal ride where most of the good stuff was ridden before the heavens opened up from above with a bit of fury. It was just rain thankfully, hail sucks to be caught in and I remember getting whacked pretty good last year. 

It was an unexpected ride and I did not feel up to it one bit and had already written off the day for doing good things. yardwork needed to happen and I could smoke something all afternoon for dinner tonight. You know... Real late 40 year old Dad stuff. 

Instead I said to hell with yard work after the rain hit us at home and I chhered like Homer for getting out of yard work via the environment.  There were scattered showers everywhere so I took a chance with the Moots but thought if it was wet I could just ride the paved which is what happened 100% of the time before the gravel bike showed up. 

Things were dry when I showed up with ominous clouds lurking all around but you know what kids? The singletrack was prime baby. I'm talking like sweet sweet prime rib falling off the bone like I would have made this afternoon if I didn't go riding.

I'm talking mega prime trails bitches and my Moots and legs wanted to go. It was an unreal ride through the tight trees on an amazing bike that responds to the tight singletrack like an angry pack of hornets responds and attacks someone who just swatted at their nest. Thats some furious anger baby and my bike was full of it.

The singletrack tracked really well and when I got around the backside I noticed a new pack of dark clouds moving in so I started to hightail it back. as the sunlight was gone and cold wind appeared and I knew it was on my ass. Low rumblings of thunder made the moment more epic as I rolled through.

Was it a little bit of adrenaline that made the moment more unreal? Tonight was one of the coolest moments I have had on a bike in a long time. The rain did catch me at the top of the new climb where the old bridge pilings are. 

I had my raincoat packed and it came in handy as it was quite wet as I found the paved and made it back as fast as I could. It was quite a downpour and even the wet downpour riding racing to the car was incredible. 


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