Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Back Checker

After a bit too much time off from rides due to some lame ass back issues we were back for an after work ride which almost didn't happen as I was wimping out at the trail head and the awaiting puddles. I also had weird leg energy as they felt doughy and useless. Thankfully Mrs Lonebiker convinced me to go after some texts back and forth.

The weird shaky leg pillow sack syndrome accompanied me on the whole ride making things super awesome. It was odd though cause I still had the power but eventually I would stop cause the legs felt like pillow sacks full of discarded moose testicles that a drunk farmer  in Saskatchewan threw out his tailgate near Fleming Saskatchewan

I hated my legs today. Were they just getting mad cause of the lack of rides? I felt that this Cameron Heights loop out to the newly named Jan Reimer park may have shook them back to life. Lots of expensive neighbourhoods were ridden through as I made my way throughout the Edmonton Country Club area. I had no idea we had so many gated communities and was saying aloud to nobody in particular "well how about that.." after riding by every newly discovered gated community. I was amazed.

Some steep hills were conquered but I struggled badly but in the end my back is fine.

Here is hoping for tomorrow. 

gonna guess the trails are a bit wet


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