Saturday, November 28, 2009


The verdict today ....................way too many people smoke pot ! I smelled that shit everywhere . It is really quite sad because it`s a beautiful day out there and thats how these people want to spend it . Oh well , to each their own I guess . I probably wouldn`t have seen so many if I didn`t come downtown (mind you there were people in the valley smoking too)

the oilers are going to hold tryouts here later this afternoon

I ended up going downtown because the trails were in bad conditions . I blame the rain we had on Thursday . It was a virtual skating rink on some spots and it was real sketchy to ride without studded tires . I had only a few skidouts and no crashes thankfully (ice wipeouts hurt)
All in all, a short ride today .

new art gallery looking close to completion

my top secret saturday afternoon hangout spot
(ssshhhh...........don`t tell anyone)

Fort Icekatchewan

 Some sketchy moments today as it seemed to be a bit icy and then it transitioned to super sketchy icy as I started in Turner park and made ...