Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bike Lust . Turner Flux

Greetings from N 53° 20.801`w 113°24.480` . Yes , I`m digging the GPS , by far one of the coolest electronic things you can buy . Burn those 60" plasma televisions , those things are boring ! I`ve got some lusty feelings from a company out of California that specializes in making high end bike frames ......Giddidy !

The Turner Flux is there answer to pure sweet thoust Holy Cross Country ample plushness . (did I say that right ?) 4" of fox RP23 rear shock in the back combined with patented DW link efficiency (have I ever mentioned that`s on my Mojo he he he) will make the trail as smooth as Johnny Depp picking up chicks ........................Ya that`s smooth !

This would be the >>PERFECT< < Edmonton trail bike . Trails here are just rough enough to let the Flux eat them up . Trips to the mountains would be in short order with this frame , I would love to have this in Jasper for one weekend ..............all I ask is one ! Fruita/Grand Junction would be an epic weekend as well . Zippety Do Da , couldn`t imagine !

The price of this finely crafted 5.5 pound piece of aluminum is quite high . $2400 u.s . I think a good build will set you back around $5000 , but worth every penny ! As I said before "pure sweet thoust Holy cross country ample plushness".

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