Sunday, December 20, 2009

First big upgrade for 2010

the picture makes it look bigger , granted it
is big though

The few extra hours at work are starting to pay off and I am now the proud owner of a Garmin Oregon 400t . I was swayed away from the bike specific gps units when I compared the functions of the Oregon to the Edge line .
This unit literally does it all , I can track all the important elements of my rides on the touchscreen plus elevation . I can map all my ride routes and store them . I can keep 1000 waypoints and name them . For example the spot in Mckinnon ravine where gay men run naked through the bush (it`s true) I could have a flag that says "stay away". Seriously , it will come in very handy , pointing out new finds in the valley and mountains . The Oregon also comes with a full topographical map of Canada . Roads , rivers , lakes , power lines , and even businesses are all on the screen . So it can be used in your car to find places .

I have had this thing for over three hours and cannot stop playing with it . Right now I`m sitting at 2295 amsl (above mean sea level) cool is that ! There is also a 3d view when pressed shows the view where you are in 3d , yes the Beaumont hill is on here . There is a calender with sunrise , moonrise, sunset , moonset times and an image of what the moon will look like tonight . For the hunters , there is a function that tells you good days to go out .

As I said this thing will do everything and I am glad to finally end my marriage with bike computers . The only problem with the Oregon is its`s size . I was never too crazy with handlebar pollution and unfortunately the Oregon is a little big . The other problem is obviously the weight . At 6.8 ounces it will add unwanted weight on my nice light Moots and Ibis . So the solution would be to keep it in my camelback . I`m not too concerned with loosing the satellite signal as I am deep in the bowels of my house and all 5 bars are at full strength .

I haven`t taken it out on the trails yet so I don`t want to recommend it yet . I don`t think I will be disappointed , I have wanted one of these for just over a year now . I bought it at Wholesale sports in the ungodly south common . They are priced at $509 .

I now have two real nice , and one crappy
bike computers , any takers ? Let me know . All
three are wireless

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