Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its -31°c outside............... picture time

I think I am now on the upswing of this crappy cold , with todays weather I would be a complete idiot to go ride and suck in this cold artic air . I was going through pictures this morning from this year and thought I might as well post some up. Next time maybe I`ll put more up in smaller files , or maybe I wont .

When your done with the pics go out and buy this album

Steves loop / Marys loop . Fruita colorado

descending into the land of the ewoks.....good thing I`m armed with a mojo

this ones for Dad

guess where ? *winner wins the bike *

showing off my rear derailler .......ya that`s sexy

it ain`t singletrack but I`ll take it

*disclaimer* if you think for one second your gonna get your filthy hands on my Moots you better stop and think of the pain that will be inflicted upon YOU my friend ! Just cause I`m bored and got a little carried away with the typing does not give you the right to show up at my house and expect me to give you that bike . I will unleash our dog on you ...........once he is done with Dora so that may be a little while , thus I will sick Achilles the guard frog on your Moots taking sorry ass . That is one badass frog and he will screw you up bad son !

Beer Friday. 88 Brewing, Total Eclipse Black pilsner

 Ugh... this beer will be a sweet relief after a rather lame day all thanks to the annual Doctor's visit. After the Doctors I was on the...