Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its -31°c outside............... picture time

I think I am now on the upswing of this crappy cold , with todays weather I would be a complete idiot to go ride and suck in this cold artic air . I was going through pictures this morning from this year and thought I might as well post some up. Next time maybe I`ll put more up in smaller files , or maybe I wont .

When your done with the pics go out and buy this album

Steves loop / Marys loop . Fruita colorado

descending into the land of the ewoks.....good thing I`m armed with a mojo

this ones for Dad

guess where ? *winner wins the bike *

showing off my rear derailler .......ya that`s sexy

it ain`t singletrack but I`ll take it

*disclaimer* if you think for one second your gonna get your filthy hands on my Moots you better stop and think of the pain that will be inflicted upon YOU my friend ! Just cause I`m bored and got a little carried away with the typing does not give you the right to show up at my house and expect me to give you that bike . I will unleash our dog on you ...........once he is done with Dora so that may be a little while , thus I will sick Achilles the guard frog on your Moots taking sorry ass . That is one badass frog and he will screw you up bad son !


  1. Maybe I'll bring a Diago doll, and that will make your dog gay, and you'll be so upset that you won't notice me stealing your moots. TankShopSteve

  2. My dogs gay, she humps everything, but like I said, SHE humps everything. Creeps me out frankly.