Friday, December 11, 2009 would like to apologize

We at the would like to sincerely apologize to everybody as there will be no beer review this week .

The understands that this may cost the breweries millions of dollars in lost revenue but this is a choice they must make as it`s top reviewer is down with a severe cold . We hope to be back next week (God help us) if he makes it . understands that in his poor condition he will make unfair and unruly decisions that may alter the face of beer forever !

Goodbye for now and pray for the lonebiker as it seems he is just one incredibly big pussy .


  1. yes u r a BIG pussy! Now about your cold, that I do understand but I got it way worse than you.

  2. Hey ! I`m right here ! All you have to do is step outside the den and tell me face to face ..........Geez

  3. Enjoy your pity party....Who bought you beer tonight??????