Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beer Friday "Special Thursday night edition"

mmmmmm , beer and sexy spokes

A special Thursday night beer review on the eve of a rather shitty day . I bring you Howe Sound , Father Johns , Winter Ale . I reviewed a Howe Sound beer before so I won`t spare the details of the beers origin . If you cannot remember than you do not deserve to operate a computer , Ya hear me ? The beer originates from Libya , that`s right Libya . Paying attention now assholes ?

Sorry about that , from beautiful Squamish comes a beer that just plainly tastes great . They claim to only brew this during the late fall months (that`s before winter) and as I mentioned it does taste quite good . It reminds me of maple wood for some strange reason , made with a blend of ginger , nutmeg , vanilla , cinnamon , molasses , honey and yellow sugar so I guess the maple wood makes little sense does it ? Or am I just nuts ?

3 suds out of 5

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