Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mid January and one ride in

Oh no ! A bitch post ! Run for your lives Ahhhhhhhhh !

Yes , that`s right . That`s what this is . I looked at the calender at work today and realized I`ve only ridden once this year . I know it`s January and the weather isn`t usually the greatest but I still feel a little pathetic . I have the gear for the cold weather yet I`d rather stay indoors and hide . The elements against me have been work . Doing all the piece work overtime kept me off the bike plus having to study for work related tests have kept me off the bike . I do feel like those are just lame excuses . How come I didn`t go tonight ? Oh yeah , it`s freakin cold out there !

Anyways , to the millions of lonebiker.com fans that hit this site everyday . Our apologies for the lack of activity on here . The lack of riding has hit this site hard and were trying to rectify the situation .

In the works .
Hunting vs biking part 3
An in depth report on apples quarterly earnings and what it means to investors
Top 7 lists
Colorado pics (that`s more for me)
The opening of lonebiker.com merchandise (save your money kids)
The adventures of Achilles the frog
More riding ............Booh yeah !
We feel this site needs more rooster videos

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