Thursday, March 11, 2010

Broken Spokes & Juvenile Douchebaggery

Looks like my wheels are finally toast . I may pay tribute to them in a future post as they have carried me over lots and lots of terrain . It started last year when 3 spokes broke suddenly and when I had them repaired they said it won`t last long as they have more miles on them than Britney spears vagina .

I noticed one was broke taking the bike off the car , I then checked for more and thought I was good to go , by the time I got to the pedestrian bridge I hopped off and checked again . Now two were broke , so I took pictures ........who wouldn`t ? I did one more climb and then headed home .

By rides end there were three spoke broken with more loose ones . I now look incredibly smart as the new wheels for the Mojo will be in soon and I can transfer the old Mojo wheels over to the Stumpjumper . Ahhhhhh , I`m a pure genious (I spelled that wrong for your amusement o.k , piss off !

..................little bastards

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