Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek -Climbing central

 A rather chilly night in the river valley which called for real slippery sections that I almost biffed on a few times . My big question is "do I still head out tomorrow ?"

This one was pretty much the same as last Sunday except I included a picture . No I didn`t get close to 2000ft elevation but 1500 wasn`t too bad considering work and all . I think I`m going to start searching for climbing averages on the internet as I am curious on where I stand. I feel that I`m not really climbing that high . If anyone reading this has an average rate of climb for a typical bike ride please email me or pm me on the message boards . Yes I removed the "comments" on here if you haven`t noticed somebody`s Mom kept writing stuff  and brother`s and sisters ......that shit`s embarrassing !

                     a picture for you from tonight`s potty break

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