Friday, May 7, 2010

Beer Friday . Young`s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

Chocolate beer you ask ? Why yes , yes it is . From Wandsworth in the sunny United Kingdom comes a beer that many would probably be afraid to try . Youngs brewery was established in 1831 and was brewed in the famous Ram brewery up until it`s closure in 2006 . What`s special about the brewery is it pretty much remained unchained since 1831 , although it did have modern equipment in it , it still had original equipment from the good old days . Up until the end shire horses and drays were used in delivering the beer within a mile of the brewery . Youngs is now brewed by Wells & Young`s brewery in Bedford , U.K , the proud home of the Bedford Eagles .

Chocolate beer has been around for some time now and is made by using a more aromatic malt (sometimes a chocolate malt , a malt that has been roasted or kilned until it acquires a chocolate color........thank you wikepedia) . Several breweries offer a chocolate beer , there is a rumor that Miller is making a chocolate beer .

that`s dark baby !

The opening of the bottle was an event as I looked in and it looked like fog on the inside of the bottle . The pour went well and I realized how dark this beer was ,the head was big and remained for around 5 minutes . As you can see by the photo it was quite dark as you couldn`t see through the bottle . The first sip was not very good but I realized I should give this a few as I am just not used to beer like this . Low and behold once the bottle was half empty I was enjoying it . It had a slightly bitter taste when it first hit the mouth but that went away quickly and my mouth was full of chocolately beer goodness . The beer is quite good but obviously not for everyone . Aside from the chocolate , it had coffee and a little bit of nut flavor in it as well . If you ever see this in a store grab one ! It`s worth the experience .

This beer gets an even 4 suds out of 5

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