Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bailout in Capilano Park

one of the trees that fell victim to the snow

After a 9 day non-riding stretch I blew off the dust on the Moots and went for a spin . From Millcreek I climbed out of the valley up to Jasper Avenue and did some car dodging knowing the trails will still be too wet .

some of the paved trails that run along the lrt tracks

From downtown I rode along the lrt tracks to Rexall and then headed east to Beverly . I was hoping to finish the ride in the valley but got caught in Capilano park with a low tire that I tried to fill up , but my pump blew apart deflating the tire ........AAAARGH !

Needless to say without help coming my way I had to tuck my tail between my legs and call for help .......The ride finished in a Hyundai .....oh how pathetic .

what my view looked like today

descending back in the valley

Fort Icekatchewan

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