Sunday, May 16, 2010

Riding . MillCreek - Capilano (outskirts)

time to find out where the creaking is coming from

My legs are now feeling the aftereffect's of a weekends worth of good riding , although today`s late afternoon ride wasn`t much of a burner , I think I was feeling the wear from yesterday`s Fort Saskatchewan dream ride . I think I`ll take tomorrow off ......Oh what`s that ? Kid`s baseball ......Perfect !

the "wtf" moment of the ride

Nothing too exciting to say other then that the Mojo has started creaking in a spot I can`t quite figure out . I am pretty sure it is the crank as when I increase power for climbs it is more predominant . Creaking on bikes has always been hard to pinpoint for me though , maybe I can get some of those jackass executives to fly in from headquarters in Flin Flon Manitoba in their Gulfstream jet to have a look . I am paying them handsomely to run this site .

lower Forest heights (ewok) trail along the river

Beer Friday. Born Colorado, Opposite Day Amber Lager

 Hey kids. If you like coming here for the ride reviews and such we hate to inform you that after today's post there will be about three...