Sunday, May 23, 2010

The wetness that was today

meet Tyrone , the keeper of the trails for the Mill Creek trail
system . Rarely does he make an appearance , but I saw him
today which made me happy . If you see him just give him a
nod or a wave but I`m warning you . He can get violent , and
has the scars to prove it . He usually pops his head out of the
ground to feed on rabbits or small yappy dogs . He also loves
banana slurpees , so if you feel inclined , buy him one . He will
love you forever and give you good bike mojo when riding in
Mill Creek , how great is that ?

some crappy graffiti

The wet weather we have been having lately I guess has been a Godsend for the farmers and especially the guys fighting the fire near Opel , but me being the snotty self centered biker that I am , I`m getting quite sick of it . I tried doing my route from Thursday night a little bit backwards today but once I got on to the downhill trail in Crestwood to descend into Beuna Vista park I quickly learned that those trails are not meant for the rain and had to turn back .

Nothing to exciting today other then being on a bike it was a rather boring ride . Just paved trails and the odd doublewide gravel trail . With high winds expected tomorrow , hopefully it won`t take long to dry the trails , cause none of the good stuff is rideable right now .......Nothing .

next to the word "hypocrisy" on google searches , there is
a link to (I did turn around , so I guess I ain`t that bad)

if you look close enough , you will see Edmonton.........see ?

Beer Friday. Born Colorado, Opposite Day Amber Lager

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