Friday, June 25, 2010

Beer Friday . Hobgoblin

After starting the 12 hours of fun today just a tad early , I am now off for the weekend and hope to get a bike ride in . Sunday`s out now , so all have is Sarurday .........OH GOD NOT THIS AGAIN ! THE FONT HAS CHANGED ...............DAMMIT !!!!! Oh there we go , I think I fixe......MOTHERFU**** Can you wait 5 minutes ? I`ll see if I can fix this little problem . Oh ! What do you know it switched ! That shit is really weird .

On to the beer now . Hobgoblin beer has an actual Hobgoblin on the bottle derived from Marvel comics . Although the one on the bottle looks a little more realistic . It is brewed by Wychwood brewery in Witney , Oxfordshire , England . Do you see the theme here ? As long as England is in the world cup , English beers will get the love ........Or will they ?

The beer has a stronger musty , wood smell , making you a little leary of taking a sip , but not me case I am brave ........and , not too bad . It has somewhat of a nutty , maybe with a little licorice , coffee and chocolate . Yo ask how I got all that from one sip ? I made all that up just to sound smart ......HA !
I like it , it does have a hint of coffee (at least that`s what I get) This is a full bodied ale that would scare away most girly men who drink light beer .

This beer gets 3.4 suds out of 5

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