Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beer Friday on a Saturday . Black Sheep Ale

Again from jolly old England ........well not so jolly England with the way they are performing in the World Cup we bring you Black Sheep Ale from Markham , Yorkshire , England . This brewery was established in the early 90`s at the time grunge was starting to get big and MC Hammer was doing his thing with those big lame ass pants . The logo is quite popular in England and is found in lot`s of pubs that don`t even supply the beer which made this beer reviewer scratch his head and think that was a little strange .

No pour as this was a bottle and I do prefer drinking from a bottle . The aroma was nice , I thought it was a good way to start things off , the taste sure doesn`t disappoint either with a good pleasant fruity taste . I am sure enjoying it sitting here after two rides on a beautiful Saturday .

My apologies for the short review , an Ewok followed me home and I am a little nervous as it`s sitting on my front lawn staring at my dog .

This beer gets 4.2 suds out of 5

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