Monday, June 21, 2010

To hell with work .........It`s summer Solstice !

coming out of some tight singletrack into a fine view
Summer is here and I took the day off cause riding is much better than working , and it`s officially summer ! Every year I try to make it out for a big ride ever since that day years ago in Jasper when I had an epic day of riding and chasing bears on the first day of summer .......Yes , I really did chase a bear but obviously not for long as chasing bears can be hazardous for your health .
a small looking thunderstorm behind the bike
along the refinery to Strat Science, anyone got a chainsaw ?

The ride was pretty darn good aside from me not having my legs , and causing me to me to take more breaks than usual . I ended up going to Strat. Science Park and I then planned on heading to Hawerlak park then home. By the time I rode through Emily Murphy I was done . I sat under the Groat Road Bridge and contemplated life and wondered why I couldn`t make it to Hawerlak ........Oh how pathetic I am ! Oh well , it was still a darn good ride . Today`s ride featured two over the handlebar wipeouts , and a near miss with an oncoming rider who couldn`t speak ..... weird ! ( he must have been in awe of being in the presence of thelonebiker).

I do hope to do a Mill Creek-Science Park-Terwilliger (a full terwig)-then back to Mill Creek run sometime this year . That would be awesome !

some freeriding stuff that is sadly falling apart and I don`t know why !
I hope everyone has a great summer !

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