Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coffee Saturday

On some of the hottest days of the year the decision was made to review some coffee ........Hot coffee I might add , and not ice cold soothing beer . Some might say this was a poor decision and I could not agree more . I have been tinkering with the idea of a coffee review and have finally brought the idea to fruition and everybody is excited over at lonebiker HQ over in Biloxi Mississippi .

Sun Burst coffee from Costa Rica comes form the highest regions in central Costa Rica . The high altitude produces "strictly hard bean varieties" regarded as the best variety of coffee form those snotty coffee drinking Europeans (they should know , shouldn`t they ?). I am drinking the light roast , Tarrazu coffee . Light roast Coffees typically have the most flavour as the longer roasted coffees flavours are typically "burnt away" therefore hiding any of the bad qualities the bean may have . Wow , don`t you feel smarter now ?

I am now onto my second cup of Tarrazu and have enjoyed it quite immensely . I always save the good stuff for the weekends and drink the shit during the work week making Saturday mornings all that much better ! It has great aroma when first opening the package , and the taste is very good with a mellow rich taste .......May I remind you I am an amateur beer/coffee reviewer ! This stuff is great ! Don`t just take my word on this , order some now !

I give this coffee 4.7 beans out of 5 ........Ha , how clever !

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