Saturday, July 17, 2010

An early one

a fine thing to be doing in the early morning

After always wanting to get up real early and go riding I finally got it done . "The motivation" , my daughters birthday party this afternoon forcing me into doing a buttload of yard work know , things that normal people do on the weekend . I for one am completely against the doing of "yard work" as "I am a self centered prick who only thinks about riding bikes"(an actual quote from my wife ........ but I know she loves me)

don`t slip on those roots !
atta boy ....
The route took me from Mill Creek to Mckinnon . The ride was good ......Damn good and it sure beat lounging around the house which is what has grown customary on Saturday mornings

this wet stuff is getting old fast

Trails and Jets

Not gonna lie. I almost picked up this here Mac computer and threw it in the Jeep where I almost drove it to the airport where I almost book...