Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An interview with Ken Lindsay , professional water slider

Pro water slider Ken Lindsay after time trial training in Sylvan Lake
Only on rare occasions do superstar athletes like Ken Lindsay talk with the media .We were lucky enough to get a short interview with the 3 time N.W.S.C (National Water slide Circuit) champion .

LB- When did you realize you wanted to be a professional water slider ? I think at a very young age people saw I had potential . At the age of 4 I was already running the Howler at West Edmonton Mall , while my friends were still hanging out in the Dolphin kiddie pool . My Dad hooked me up with my coach Drew Stinson who still miraculously coaches me today .

LB- What brings somebody like you to Sylvan Lake ? Training . It never stops , with the tour coming to Wild Waters in North Edmonton next weekend I thought Sylvan would be great for training .

LB- What is your favorite stop on the tour ? I would say coming home is the best . Edmonton has always brought out great crowds , and when I`m standing up top to do my run it`s amazing how loud these people get when they have a hometown boy . I would have to say Wet and Wild in Greensboro North Carolina is a close second . They have some sick slides there !

LB- Have you ever waxed ? You seriously can`t be asking me that are you ? Waxer`s are cheaters period ! In 2008 when Tom Hardell flew off of Jumeirah Sceirah to his death in Dubai we all knew what he was doing . He was waxing ! did he deserve to die ? maybe ! All of us pros know you can`t go that fast on a water slide !

LB - Were sorry to offend you by asking you that , what other training do you do for the circuit ? Don`t be sorry . What happened in 08 was pure uglieness . As a pro water slider I hate to see stuff like that happen , all of us on the tour take this stuff serious . That`s why we had Wild Rapids in Sylvan closed today . For the safety of the public . The speeds we attain as pros on water slides can seriously injure somebody going to slow on a slide . If we waxed our back things would be alot worse ! As far as training , I just hit the water slides
daily . I`m lucky enough to have my own park in my backyard to train in back home in L.A .

LB- What bugs you about pro water sliding ? Besides the waxers , I hate it when there are floaters in the splash pool . you know turds ! That`s disgusting ! I also don`t like used band aids on the change room floor . That shit`s disgusting .

LB- To finish , any advice for the kids who want to make it ? Just keep sliding ! Remember the basics , heels , ass , shoulder blades , and work from there .

LB- Thanks for the interview , and good luck at the worlds in Las Vegas . Will you repeat ? Oh you know I would love to repeat ! There is too much sliding talent out there now . See you at Wild Waters next weekend !

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