Saturday, July 31, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Hawerlak

a pity it turned out a little blurry
 After yesterday`s debacle of a ride I headed out for a planned trip from Mill Creek to Terwilliger , with one thing in mind ........DONT SUCK ! And suck I did not (well , maybe a little at the end), The only thing was leaving late with a planned "going out to movie night " with the fine wife I knew time was the enemy .
the wretchedly bad entity that is.........Heritage days
 I got through Emily Murphy with a strong police presence and no cars or people I was wondering what was going on , once I reached Hawerlak I realized quickly what was happening . Heritage days had started and the masses of people that engulf the area were there . Quickly I was reminded of the time I took the family there and the horrible time we all had .........An hour lineup to buy food tickets for overpriced crappy food ........fighting our way through large crowds in the hot temperatures ........lining up again to get our food ........the long wait for a bus to get us the HELL-OUT -OF-THERE !!  In the end I almost ended up divorced . My apologies if I offended people who like it , but this is one city festival that is not for me , ironically located in my most unfavoured park, when does Folk fest start ?
on the way to Hawerlak.....a lake !
No , I never made it to Terwilliger , time was not on my side today , and that was sadly fault .

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