Monday, July 19, 2010

Thinking of getting a road bike.....

But I don`t really want one ! This rain won`t stop , and it`s turning the trails into pure wet cheese .......much like what a Justin Beiber concert would be like .

Today started with good intentions , a bit late of a start , but a start nontheless . I had originally hoped to get out to the mountains but you know .........the rain ! Instead of the mountains I planned on running from Terwilliger - The Science Park , the opposite of the ride I had in the spring .
nothing says good mountain biking like riding through residential neighbourhoods
Once out and riding (not thinking about all the rain Edmonton had in the past 24hrs) I got to the new evil entrance to Terwilliger park on the west side , I realized how wet it was . "Screw it" I said (or something along the same lines) "I`ll ride residential to Fort Edmonton" . As quick as my ride started my spirit was broken . To add on to the mess other factors in my "pre ride planning" screwed things up (notice the computer in the picture tracking at 0 , yes I was moving)

The epicness that was today below .........Eat your heart out Geoff Kabush

So maybe if I had a road bike life wouldn`t be so rough in times like these ! It wouldn`t matter , cause wet pavement is just wet pavement right ? Or I could hang out by Connors hill and run hills , or if it is really bad there is always the forums right ?  ......Oddly enough me and Hitler have something in common ........Yes an obvious language warning  ........ but he`s frustrated me !

Happy Monday