Saturday, August 14, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Hermitage (paved)

the flavor of the day
 First off , let me say . I WILL NEVER WEAR MY HOMER SIMPSON BOXER SHORTS ON A LONG BIKE RIDE AGAIN ! I`m sorry , didn`t mean to yell there . There were serious bunching issues , and fabric going where it wasn`t supposed to . In the end , not pleasant , and I will never do that again ! You would think after 19 years of riding bikes one would learn . Sadly not me !
the snacks came free today
 I stayed mostly on the paved trails after the monsoons that have been hitting our area as of late are sure to have messed up the trails . I am getting tired of having to thoroughly clean the bike after each ride . It was a great ride despite the complete lack of singletrack . It is amazing how much ground you can cover when your not on the dirty rooty good stuff . Can we say road bike again ? Hmmmmm....
folk fest dismantling , I missed riding by this year to the music , dang !
the start of Hermitage park dog trails .....STAY AWAY !

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