Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Great Rack search (not that kind sickos)

hitch racks + bouncy Jeeps = a very very nervous owner
Yes . I have not been active on here much lately . You can thank car shopping / buying and then bike rack figuring out .......Oh yes , plus old car and truck cleaning plus fixing . If you haven`t noticed I got me a Jeep . So I`m now one of "those" people now (whatever that means) . I am tempted to drive home through the ditch now cause shit , that would be cool !

Sadly buying a Jeep has left me with a huge dilemma .>>>>> Bike racks <<<< Do I stick with the trusty roof rack or get something simpler to use ? Like a hitch rack . Oh there is a good idea .......So I thought . One trip to a fine local bike shop and I had one . "this thing is very safe" they said . "I have a Jeep , those things are bouncy as hell" I replied . " Don`t worry bro , bunch of use them " came the reply . Sold . Back home to Beaumont , a quick build and it was on . I was skeptical and thought I would take a test drive with both my babies hooked up .......Within 20 seconds I knew it wouldn`t work . My bikes bounced around more then Paris Hilton at the MGM Grand on a Saturday night . I know a few people use these on their high end bikes but watching them bounce like I did on that fateful night I knew I was going to have to return it . Part of the problem was me watching the rearview mirror more then the road . Now that shit is dangerous ! With my paranoidism (yes , that`s a word . Stop judging me auto spell checker) me and the hitch rack would be a bad combo .

So now with Fall riding season passing me by I will keep searching for the appropriate rack for my "rides ride" . So to all those riding now enjoy those trails . Enjoy them . I`ll be looking for a good rack for the next little while .......What`s that ? I hear you screaming ......"put the bike in the back you freakin idiot ?" Hey ! that`s a good idea .......Thanks .

1/8 walled , inch and a quarter tubing scares the shit out of me !

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