Friday, October 8, 2010

Riding . Strathcona Science Park - A whole bunch of places

Well that was officially the worst blog title I have ever come up with . Oh well . It shouldn`t bother me too much . I will only lose 6 or 7 hours of sleep , that`s not that bad . 6 or 7 hours of drenched bed sweat , rolling over and over while thinking "Strathcona Science Park - A whole bunch of places"........What the hell was I thinking ? Oh well , can`t change it now cause I wrote all this .
an entryway to fun-land
This early morning ,well late eight o`clock ride took me from the Science park to the goodness of Mckinnon Ravine , on to whorelak (in the fall months the whore/ douchebag index down there is very low) . From Hawerlak I hit Mill Creek and then back home via Ewok and all the other great trails that are on the southside of our kickass river valley system .
The temps down there were cooler then I though prompting me to keep my cool weather gear on . To be honest the temperature was just perfect .

beautiful river valley road has now become victim to hideous election signs

Sorry about all the babbling in the beginning of this one . I tend to do that from time to time . The ride today wasn`t as great as I hoped it would be . Sore legs held me back a little bit . I had hoped to go farther but I could feel the fatigue growing with each mile away from the car , by the time I got back into the Rundle area my legs were pretty bad .........Why ? Who know`s ? Maybe I`m just getting older .

I do hear Ft Saskatchewan calling out my name tomorrow though.......

how to get away from Hawerlak

The Rocky Mountain Snow Shoe Club

With another failed ride attempt yesterday on the Winter Warrior with a chain snapping near the beginning of a ride and nothing to repair it...