Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being sick is Awesome .......

what could it be , what could it be , what could IT BEEE!!!!
Well , not all the time , but when your home and the UPS lady brings you a box that was supposed to be delivered to your wife, that you have to sign and even pay for cause she is out on the town trying to get away from her whiny husband !

So I signed and had a little peek , my friends , I didn`t snoop too badly but couldn`t help noticing the words "Seahawks Pro Shop , Seattle , Washington" written on the side . I knew right away it wasn`t the bike stuff I asked for , and that`s o.k cause Seahawk gear is pretty darn sweet ! Especially if it comes from far away , exotic Seattle ! Oh lucky me !

Basking in That Terwillegar Glow

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