Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finally . The trail guides have started

I had said some time ago that I wanted to do trail reviews on here . Alas , they have started ! I had done this Mill Creek one three times earlier and never liked the finished result so they got flushed down the proverbial internet toilet . Yes I`m not really happy with the end result of this one but it`s passable even with such high lonebiker standards (did you see yesterdays post ? .....Yeeesh). If anyone has any advice on trail reviews/guides shoot me an email.....Please! Hell , if you want to just tell me how much this site blows (no don`t ! I get real pouty!)My email is on here in the "about me" tab .

I have another page set up with the review on it much like all the beer reviews which will be posted soon .

Mill Creek Ravine

hucking anyone ?

Located in Edmonton`s south side, Mill Creek is a great destination for riding in the city . Many Mountain bikers use it for a springboard into the river valley . The total length from end to end is approximately 4 km but you can make a light day out of it by riding end for end on the doubletrack and singletrack trails .

Mill Creek is the perfect place to go if you want to pop the proverbial mountain bike cherry . When I started riding Mill Creek was where I spent most of my time in the Springtime , Summer months . The amount of trails that you can explore will leave you giggling uncontrollably like the happy mountain biker you truly are (are we all not happy ass mofos ? This biking thing`s a drug).

The great thing about Mill Creek is it truly is rideable all year round regardless of the weather conditions . If it is blizzarding and below thirty degrees Celsius , or been raining for two weeks most of the main trails won`t be affected .

got steep descents ? yes , plenty
What it has to offer

Pretty much everything on a reasonable Edmonton scale . You can go hucking off ledges on your freeride bike (Wade Simmons was here a few years ago with a RVC ride) . There are dirt jumps that make the crazy dirt jump kids happy .

From starting on the southside of the ravine and heading north you have the option of riding paved trails , gravel doubletrack or numerous short to medium length singletrack trails to the bridge over Connors road where Mill Creek seems to end prematurely .

The singletrack is very good and I would say it is rated high when compared to the good spots in the Edmonton area . The singletrack trails are nice and flowy (for the most part) and don`t get too technical for the new riders . Exploration is key here as there are countless singletrack trails that run from anywhere near 20 meters to 1 kilometer . Once you start to get familiar with the trail system you could easily link up all the singletrack you want , turning it into a decent ride .

The Argyll velodrome is on the edge of Mill Creek which is also home to Edmonton`s premier BMX track . As I said before , there are no limits to what bike you bring to Mill Creek . The Velodrome which is home to Juventus cycling club where the Canadian National Cross race was held in 2009 in the adjacent field , which utilized some parts of the ravine. The Velodrome is worth checking out if you happen to like bikes . So come see the Velodrome and then go for a ride in Mill Creek .
dirt jumping anyone ?

If you are on the southside of town there is a wide variety of access . When in the river valley riding you can ride into Mill Creek through Henrietta Louise park by crossing the bridge over 98th ave , up Connors hill and by crossing Connors road the trails will lead straight into Mill Creek . If you are in the Bonnie Doon - Avonmore neighbourhoods , or Strathcona - Hazeldean neighbourhoods there are tons of access points into the ravine from many angles .

a mini bridge that made an appearance after a wet 2010

Singletrack rating
6 out of 10 for me . If only it lasted longer

Anaerobic level
4 out of 10 . There is climbing , but nothing that will make you want to quit riding and go home and watch Oprah

The bad
Dog walkers are starting to be more of a problem here . I have been chased more often over the years by dogs all thanks to their clueless owners as more and more of them discover this ravine . There is an increased amount of trail traffic in the late spring and summer months , so watch the blind corners .

This ravine is something that must be ridden if you ride in the Edmonton river valley . Use it as a starting point for a ride . By the time you ride by the pyramids you should be nicely warmed up , or you could incorporate Mill Creek into one of your rides .

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