Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got snow ?

guess where and win a free pat on the back
If you can count on your left hand the number of times somebody has said "sure got lots of snow eh "(or something along the same lines referring to the heavy amount of snow we have received this January) then climb out of your dungeon and get with society man ! I have heard snow references at least ten times a day in the last week and a half and for good reason . From what I heard , we haven`t gotten this much snow since the mid eighties . That`s what I`ve heard , so you can take it or leave it o.k buddy ! ( I`m glad we had that talk, I feel better now )

after the big snowblower went through , hooray for big snowblowers !
I had been fighting the thought of riding and even packed up four times in the last week but cowardice took over and I "depacked" and went straight for the showers and hung my head in shame . So finally , today the weather turned a little less nasty and I packed up and headed out to do some "scouting" if you will .

For the most part, the main paved trails were cleared , but as expected the singletrack and even doublewide gravel trails were unrunnable , with that amount of snow it may take a while for all the foot traffic to pack it down good enough . I tried to ride on the gravel trail below Old Timers Cabin and got frustrated , swore loudly and then got off .

another winter wonderland shot
I strongly recommend heading down to the valley in the next couple of days , whether you are riding or out for a walk . All the snow has made the river valley quite a masterpiece ! And yes , when you go . Take a camera with a big card !
my , what a depressing flyer !

Beer Friday. Driftwood Brewery, Fat Tug IPA

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