Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Into the cool evening

Two rides in a row you say ? No way man , It`s January ! Well yes , it did happen . Do I have shift work to thank for this glorious achievement ? Yes , yes I do . The downside is I will have to work all weekend and that thought has got me down (don`t worry , I`ll be alright ! I know you care).

The ride tonight had it`s high`s and lows . The lows featuring an over the handlebars wipeout when the front tire sunk into some unpacked snow in front of a bunch of cars on Connors road . I`m sure they had a good laugh at my expense (don`t blame them really) . I bet they laughed and mocked me for riding a bike in the winter , but I think I had the last laugh after some of the views and experiences I had while riding ..... Ahh riding . Is there anything better ?

can you say "bumpy as shit "?
The highlight`s of this one was the picture up top of this post . The top of the climb onto Forest Heights , which I may add was one bastard of a climb with unstudded tires that had tested my patience , once at the top I was amazed how cool downtown looked in the dusk with the lighting and was glad I didn`t turn around . I didn`t have a tripod to get a proper picture so I set the point and shoot on a park bench and let it do it`s thing. I guess the other highlight was the first crossing of the revamped Dawson bridge . It was nice to see they made the railing taller so you don`t feel like you may fly into the river if you make a bad move . Nice on ya city of Edmonton ...
my first Dawson bridge crossing in a long time

Fort Icekatchewan

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