Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring, the evil temptress

With another unusually warm day I decided to head out to the valley. Not a bad idea I`d say! The rebel in me decided to take over and I crossed the forbidden barrier that I`ve been bitching about lately. What did I find on the other side? First came the Bobcat, and then a whole lot of nothing , and then (I guess) a good reason to shut down the trail. A backhoe has been digging a hole for some sort of drainage work and it was blocking the whole trail off.....Still a giant pain in the ass for the trail users, especially the ones who commute.

after crossing, feeling like such a rebel just like that guy
in the middle of the paved trail.... a backhoe
oh I get it, the hole needs more pea gravel
oh the humanity !
No. The entire ride wasn`t fixated on this major inconvenience. I got through and rode to Capilano and the weather was reminiscent of something we call "Spring". Summer tights, no winter headgear, summer gloves, and even my summer "cool weather jacket" were worn today. How awesome was it today ? I guess just as awesome as it was yesterday, and it will be tomorrow...

WHAT ??? AGAIN !!!

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