Monday, March 7, 2011

A rare visit to Terwilleger

good old fashioned Edmonton Winter singletrack

"Two useless slabs of meat," that is the best way to describe my legs after today's ride in that puppy infested Edmonton park otherwise known as Terwilleger. Been a while since I last rode so I guess I have somewhat of an excuse, but still...... geez.

Terwilleger was once home to my main Winter biking destination. Before that, it was one of my main Summertime destination`s. I was quite pleased with all the trails today and remembered why I would frequent this place in the Winter. The singletrack was packed well, and on an early Monday afternoon, the place was nice and quiet. If only my legs, lungs, and pretty much everything else that keep one going on a bike worked for me today. Maybe Terwilleger would have been all that better...

an infinite amount of snow that seems like it will never go away
the new and improved parking lot. A great place to do after ride donuts
in your jacked up testicle equipped pick up truck....

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