Sunday, April 17, 2011

Science Park. Take two

waiting for the worlds longest train on the way into the park
(yes I need a new windshield, thank you mr/mrs smarty pants)
Capilano. still under a blanket of snow
It was less then a month ago when I ventured down to the Science park for a spin in the hills. I was turned away from the regular trails due to a large amount of snow. I was able to cross the bridge this time and ended up in Rundle park skirting over sections of ice shouting to no one in particular "HA HA HA, I`M NOT GOING TO GIVE INTO THE ICE AND PUT ON THE STUDS AGAIN! I`M DO..." That`s when I wiped out.

Just kidding. I never wiped out. It was nasty in the morning though. Black ice was everywhere making going into a corner a tad risky. I couldn`t stop thinking about how at this time pretty much every year when all the trails are pretty much open. April 16th has always been my official trail opening day. I even bought an ice cream cake to celebrate the occasion one year. Hmmm..... Dry trails. It still seems so far off right now.

on the way up to Forest Heights, lots of snow from recent storms
I have had two days off already and finally ventured on the bike. Recent snowstorms quenched any desire for me to head out. It`s been a long Winter. At least the paved trails on the north side of the river were pretty much snow free. I climbed up out of the valley and rode through the residential streets when more police tape caught my eye. Oh, that house! "That`s been in the paper" I thought to myself. I believe that makes 19 murders so far this year. Yes, It`s time to round up all the fucktards. Something in this city has got to start changing.

heading to the north side in search of less snow
I made the right decision
That`s 19.

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