Monday, June 6, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek-UofA

potty break part 2, is this going to be a thing? taking pictures of where
"I go" and then posting them on here? sadly, yes. don`t pee on the trails
boy`s and girls. that shit ain't cool!
 My first Monday night ride in a long time. I just about said "hell no" to going but luckily beat any sort of anxiety of riding aside and had one kickass after work ride. For some reason, I rode like a champ. Sprinting up some of the steeps in the big ring, and conquered the roots like Tyson would some poor chump in his hey day.

It`s all over now. As I get ready for another one tomorrow I could only hope that it will all "come together" again like it did for some strange reason today. A day that was fueled by Mcdonalds breakfast, and a warmed up greasy taco kit for lunch. Strange how that works...

lrt tracks below, reminding me of my ets adventure earlier in the year (riding`s much better)

The Annual Wet Pilgrimage to Sturgeon

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