Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Heard Mackinnon Calling...

 So I went...

A rather monster of a ride for an after work special and it was a good one. It started out ordinarily enough with me exiting Mill Creek wondering where to go when it donned on me to hit the lustful trails known as Mackinnon. Or do they have a name? African roots seems to come to mind but that might not be it. Oh holy hell, who cares! I rode the north side and entered Mackinnon, climbed up to the end, turned my bike around and stopped at the entrance to the lustful singletrack. I swear I heard Angels singing, or was that the church that's in the area?

potty break,  mill creek style
Me and the bike entered the trail and a sudden grin enveloped my face. "I love this place" I said under my breath and listened to the leaves crunch under my knobbies. The first set of roots came and I handled them like one should on a hardtail. Sadly it was over too fast and with the sun rapidly going down I knew another run would be out of the question. It wasn't that sad because I had the southside of the river to ride back on. Upper Emily Murphy, Kinsman, lower Canada cup, and then a completely dark Mill Creek where my lights guided me back to the Jeep.

I'd say Im rather enjoying this bike riding thing again...
leaves cover the Mackinnon singletrack
my idea of trail porn

Happy Monday