Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome Back Winter...

If only your going to stay for a short time. I hope your stay will be pleasant, I see you decided to cover my trails with snow in an attempt to make everybody; Well.... Rather quite grumpy. It didn't affect me too much, I enjoyed the snow on Wednesday and Thursday and the temperature drop that went with it. I had intended to hit the valley those days but things seemed to get in the way. Today though, I enjoyed your small wrath you brought on us, even though the rising temperatures are now extinguishing your new found presence. Snow turned to puddles for the most part and my poor bike ground it's way through them.

I am glad you made an attempt to show yourself after being reclusive for most of the Winter season. You made a lot of people angry and that kinda made me smile... Yes, I'm weird like that. This may be the last I see of you but you may make another appearance again. It is northern Alberta in early Spring, so another appearance will not anger me as it did all your haters.... Can we expect a visit in May?

Until then, I hope your not saddened by all the grumpy people who go on hating you. Whatever you do I'll be enjoying your wrath. Just don't show up in July. That's all I ask. Summer will get quite offended, and me and Summer have a great relationship.

you know what this is, move along...

Happy Monday