Thursday, July 5, 2012

Could I Have a Redo?

a potty break for the header shot... nice! 
you know your on an edmonton street when...
Absolutely nothing was special about tonight's after work ride. Well, I had a couple moments in Mill Creek but that was it. Not even the photos resembled any sort of "exuberance" of where I was. My river valley did little to appease me tonight which is a sad. It's July, we are smack dab in the middle of Summer and I would of rather of been at home playing with an Ipad. Do I blame recent poor weather for this? Possibly. A ride I missed yesterday in the cool rain would have been much much better. I guess mentally it's better to ride in the rain and stay off the good trails rather than go out in the sun and not be able to ride snot infested singletrack. That may be what attributed to flower bag legs.

So you may be wondering about trails? They should be fine by the time you read this. Unless a storm passes through of course. As for this ride, let's chalk it up as a fail. Who's to blame for this one? I'm Albertan, I guess I'll blame the Liberals.

slippery like that of fish goo

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