Sunday, July 15, 2012

Riding. Mill Creek - Rundle Park

the area near the bike jump
Having to get out was priority after a house full of loud screaming kids for a full Saturday.  The rain was welcomed with open arms as a respite from the humidity and heat that had enveloped us this last week.

Unfortunately we didn't just get a little bit of rain, we got tons. A storm on Thursday had flooded streets and worse, peoples basements all over the southside. Today heavy rains hit the area hard and Mill Creek is flexing it's muscles. If you have a chance, head down and have a look. It's pretty neat stuff down there right now.

waiting for heavy rain that didn't end, and chilling to polka
The rest of the ride from Mill Creek to Rundle was on the North side of the river. I tried the multi use trails and even they were pretty much unrideable so I stayed on the blacktop for most of the ride. A rest stop at the Rundle chalet where polka music and old people inhabited the building. Almost all of them were saying something about the guy on the bike in the rain resting. I sat there and wondered what moments like that will be like when my generation is that age. Will we be listening to polka? I'm having my doubts. Will I be saying things about a guy riding  his bike in unpleasant weather? I hope I'm still riding in crappy weather...

The return trip was done on the South side of the river. Paved of course and the rain attacked in droves quickly ruining any idea I had of a dry drive home.

It still seems to be raining as I type this, I can't help but wonder how the creek is doing now. It was a mere two inches away from hitting some of the bridges down there at the time of the ride...

singletrack turned into a creek
mill creek on steroids

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