Monday, August 6, 2012

Destination: Talus Dome

I set out today with the intention of riding to one of the most controversial pieces of art going in the city right now. A ride that started in Mill Creek and stayed on the Southside of the hot muggy river valley that shooed me off the good singletrack thanks to heavy rain from the night before. Well it looks like much more than heavy rain hit the valley as branches and debris littered the trails. A sign there was some crazy weather happening.

So I stuck to my "wet weather routes" and rolled fat wheels on multi use and paved on my journey to the infamous pile of steel balls. I rolled through a heavily human infested Hawerlak as it hosted Heritage days and noticed on the way two different groups of people in different areas of the valley getting really excited and lose it when they saw a squirrel. Yes I agree. Squirrels are awesome!

Once at the balls I took a serious look and could not find anything to really hate about it. I thought they looked rather cool gleaming from the hot August sun. Bear in mind before you become enraged, it is just my opinion. So please don't send me angry letters for liking it. I tried a few Google searches on it and found it was created by a Californian artist which makes me raise my eyebrows substantially. With all the local artists we have in our province, I see it as quite a slap in the face. I had a quick snack there and was amused at all the attention it was getting. A couple came up from the valley and took pictures,  countless cars on their way to Fort Edmonton stopped for a look. I think it is doing what it is supposed to and creating controversy therefore making people curious. Hence, the goal of today's ride...

looking like a war zone. mill creek showing storm damage
what local biking blog isn't complete without a shot of bike lane riding?

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