Friday, August 3, 2012

Swarmed on a Friday Evening

A ride that happened pretty late for myself all thanks to an after work nap that rendered me virtually useless. I never quite "got" naps as they are supposed to make you feel refreshed. In my case I feel much like a bag of assholes in the hot desert whenever I wake up from one. Today was no exception, but I thought by getting on the bike it would help considerably... And of course it did. The "miracle" of riding came through and I was feeling great as I exited Mill Creek.

The ride did have ulterior motives as well as I wanted to get a shot of a biking themed beer with some riding thrown in. Unfortunately the picture I was hoping for didn't turn out and the beer was out of focus... Damn! I suffered through swarms of mosquitoes and about 8 retakes to try to get what I wanted  only to go home and see how it really turned out. I think I'll use it anyways, the attacking mosquitoes are not going to win this one.

The rest of the ride took me through Ewok forest. A place I have not frequented much this year. I ran into two mute mountain bikers with serious communication lacking problems. All I wanted to know if they were alone and they stared straight ahead like they were ghosts.... Scary thought, maybe they were. This is Ewok forest after all...

soon this place will be infested with hippies
beavers, happily ruining this trees day
see you later for a beer review...

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