Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That's One for August

do we say the "proud" home of edmonton baseball? hmmm....
 The top picture is something that would come as no surprise to frequent visitors of my ever beloved Mill Creek. A large section of trail adjacent to the multi use just South of Whyte ave has now fallen into the creek. Seeing the Creek  a few rides back tear apart the sides of the bank in front of my own eyes was a little awe inspiring.

The ride from Mill Creek to the former Canada Cup trails to the University started out with the realization that more people than my Mom read this was a definite good way to start an after work special. The trails were pretty much in prime condition and my hope of finding fresh puddles to mask over a very dirty bike was not happening. I crossed the mighty Dudley B and rode up the dirt next to the stairs and giggled at all the creepy looking guys who always seem to congregate at the top and watch the girls in yoga pants running up....

where an idiot without bug spray tried to have a potty break
jason kirkpatrick learned of my lust for mid ride mountain stream head dunks, this is the river valley version

Happy Tuesday