Monday, October 8, 2012

An Afternoon of Hill Climbs and Toilet Shopping

an afternoon that went in the crapper
 Could my afternoon have ended any better than at Lowe's after a quick roll in the valley? A quick ride with Jason almost doing a complete repeat of what I did on Saturday except this time a lot more dirt was involved. It's safe to say that more riding is in order so things are nice and ready for you know... Winter.

Not a ride to remember cause you know climbing hills repeatedly can well, you know... The highlights were riding from one hill to another, and missing a giant piece of rebar sticking out of the ground repeatedly. That's about it. Jason didn't join up for the Thanksgiving Monday toilet hunt. He missed out...
looking deep in thought, the once able minded cyclist cut the ride short so he could spend the rest of his afternoon fighting cars in the worst shopping district in edmonton so he could look at toilets, how much more downhill can it get for the once famed "lonebiker?" stay tuned for the late fall and early winter supposed "riding sessions" and see how this train wreck of a riding season will end...

Happy Monday?

A positive covid test may have me off the bike this next set off, damn.