Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Mornings Should all be Like This

Finally some more riding redemption on a cold crisp Saturday morning. A trip to Banff earlier in the week and getting to see the snow that is inevitably coming our way later on was enough inspiration to get out on a ride. So a ride from the Pyramids to Rolling below Rowland via a trail I only heard about on this trip. Sad to think of how long ago that was and the time it took to finally hit. After Rowland trail, a river crossing and a return trip back on the north side left me wondering why I fell into such a horrible non biking slump.

A very slight skiff of snow is what greeted me this morning and had no bearings on my control. The snow only made the ride that much better making every corner a tad scary to go into but the tires held just fine creating feelings of electric euphoria. If only I could ride for longer as these current trail conditions could only be deemed as "epic!" Yes, I said that word, cause that's simply what it was today.

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