Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beer Friday. Creemore Springs, Premium Lager


Well this sadly marks and end of a long list of donated beers. I have been carrying on since last Summer with free beer to review on this here blog and I just looked behind the computer thinking there were a couple more and surprisingly... No more, I will be shopping once again next review time.

This review comes on a three post Saturday after a week of nothing. Well won't you be surprised when you log onto this Monday morning and see all the Saturday blogging activity in Lonebiker-land.

Creemore Springs which was part of a taster pack hails from Ontario. I wrote a couple of reviews from these guys and didn't even need to Google the location. The town of Creemore Springs is just north of Toronto in cottage country I believe. Let me check Google and see if I'm right. Click on here while you are waiting for me to return... Booh Yah! Got it. I won't bore you with the details as presumably you read about it twice now.

Their Premium Lager is the flagship beer of Creemore Springs. A company that is quite proud to put this one out front as their leader. The pour was a dirtier golden colour that sprouted a two fingered head. As the beer was downed there was quite a bit of lacing that seemed to want to hang around and chat with the glass. The taste was clean and pure, much like you would hear of on a beer commercial. The smell was a tad off putting and I was a little concerned of having my first sip but now that it is done I can see why this is the flagship beer of Creemore Springs. Mild hops mixed with rice and caramel gave this a nice taste. If only I had one more...

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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