Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chasing Thunder

The drive from work to my fabled Mill Creek parking spot was a fun affair as I wondered if I should turn for home and watch Maury. A mild thunderstorm was amidst us and a few shots of fork lightning showed its muscle. I moved ahead and decided that bike riding in the thunder and rain is much too epic to give in to head home with my tail between my legs.

Once at the trail it seemed as though the storm was just ending and I was in the last moments of it's Spring time Albertan rage. The ride at first was awesome as clasps of thunder rang through the Mill Creek valley as I rode completely alone covered in goosebumps in awe of the moment I was having. Once out of Mill Creek the storm had pretty much passed and I kept it on the paved for most of the ride, a look at the gps tracking below will tell you that I was making decisions on the fly as I went with no real destination in mind. Coming back from Menzies bridge I decided to stay north as the legs started screaming after three rides in a row. A run in with Jason and his cross bike was had and we both marveled at how awesome the river valley on a somewhat stormy night can be.

at the campus and time for a picture
nary a golfer in sight for miles

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