Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Packless #2

For the second time in a week I rode packless, to be honest it doesn't make too much of a difference not to have one. I do feel like I have more freedom of movement while navigating through tight singletrack and the climbs feel a bit better, but truth be told. I miss my big camera. Shooting with a fifth generation iPod touch has a cool panoramic function but doesn't even come close to the Canon.

For the second night in a row the frustrating jelly legs came out to play yet again. I'm really thinking it's something to do with the now fully bloomed valley. It seems as though every year at this time this happens. The steep fun climbs were unattainable at times and I hung my head and walked the bike up several climbs. Tonights route was the opposite of last night with a diversion to the mouth of Kinniard ravine.

Tonight's victory: The drop post was used successfully three times. Giddy-up.
decisions, decisions...

Fort Icekatchewan

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