Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Freedom Ride

For the second time in around four years I rode without a camelback. The first time I did it was truly an exhilarating experience and I thought it would become a weekly occurrence. It never came to be...

For those that do know me I have a Camelback H.A.W.G. Eight hundred and fifty four cubic inches of storage space with a three liter water reservoir. The main reason for this giant pack is the carting around of a giant slr camera with a giant lens. I also have a first aid kit, tubes, patch kit (which is great when running tubeless) assorted tools, a blender, and an emergency bike in case the one I'm riding breaks down. This giant pack essentially becomes another part of me, a giant extension of my back if you will... With the great design the folks have over at Camelback it is very ergonomic on the trail and truly does become a part of your body, albeit a heavy part.

The beginning of the ride felt strange. I kept wanting to grab at the water spout to have a quick sip as I sped down Mill Creek towards my drop in zone. I never realized how addicted to doing that I had become, I think it was more of a socially awkward thing as I would paw for it whenever people came up the trail. Once on the trail I forgot I had no pack on and the bike worked its incredible magic. I hit Ewok for the first time and cleaned it, it was a good moment for someone who became so infatuated with riding a full suspension,  semi big wheeled go anywhere-do anything bike.

I strongly believe real mountain bikers should ride hardtails. I feel incredibly cheesy typing that but it's the truth, every person that labels them self a mountain biker should have a hardtail in their quiver and ride that bike regularly, there is no better way to connect with the trail than riding one.

mill creek showing it's colours
magical, magical Ewok, sigh...

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