Friday, August 16, 2013

Beer Friday. Mikkeller Koppl Spontankooppi

Greetings, welcome back to Friday and all that is great, I say that cause I don't have Friday night river valley fat tire excursions happening. That being said I still have to wait a minimum another week for more x rays to see just how much longer this misery will go on for. Anyways, I went way off track and this should be a celebration of Beer Friday. Tonight another rarity that has been hiding behind my computer since Fathers day is wanting to show itself, a bit too timid to come from behind the computer with all the dark bad ass light beer slaying dragons that have been making appearances here.

Mikkeller made it's debut in 2006 and is based in Copengahen, Denmark. A land that is full of drugs, and legalized prostitution. In other Words, Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto will one day retire here. The brewery is know as a gypsy brewery and they are not afraid to stray away from the ordinary brewing traditions. The website had a very hipster feel.  They brew all over the place at host facilities and they brew over... Get this. Six hundred types of beer! Wow, I am truly impressed by these hipster geniuses.

This beer poured nicely into my beer testing glass and I knew as well as the team of expert beer review staff that this one has giant shoes to fill considering what was tested in the last few weeks. The initial sniff was a tad off putting and the beer stood in the glass unthreatening like that of a bumblebee coming towards a windshield at 110km an hour.  The first sip... Nope. Very sour, it tastes like sour fruits mixed in with candy and testicle sweat, I was also getting a hint of wine in this one. This is truly a beer for that special person who likes a different taste. A beer for one who is proud to be apart from anyone else, a beer for hipsters. I really am upset I had this to start my weekend.

This beer gets half a sud out of 5

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