Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Final Two

Here they are, with the slight possibility looming of bike rides starting slowly again. I say that after receiving MRI results today which entailed. Yes, still a fracture. Yes I ROFL'd after hearing that. The good news, no more boot, just a longer recovery time. With the fracture there is quite a bit of ligament, soft tissue damage as well as a good dose of "Man! I must be an incredible pussy!" All I did was stop my bike. It's now late November and I'm still dealing with it with a possible recovery time of a year or possibly two. Yep, I'll always remember this when I put my foot down for the rest of my riding days. Which could hopefully start soon after I get some more advice.

So here they are. The two greatest rides in the last four years or however this dumb blog's been running. I hope these two rides can be topped in the next year.

Palisades Lookout. Jasper This was one of the best mountain rides in a long time (probably cause they are few and far between.) Ironically it took place on nothing but fire roads, yet a ride to the summit of the Palisades is a reward I'm sure not too many cyclists in Alberta have experienced. I really wonder why?

A Trail so Nice, I Rode it Twice This was an incredible day spent frolicking around in Fort Saskatchewan. I'm sure somebody laced my pre ride niblets with speed or crack cocaine as the power I had this whole ride was incredible. Every technical section was cleared including the steep climb at the end going up to Turner park twice. Funny, I think this was the last day that hill was conquered.

Nose Ice Delight

It was stupid cold today and thankfully people on Twitter and Instagram made sure to post screenshots from their phones weather app as if th...