Saturday, December 7, 2013

1000 Posts Later... A Bike Ride

A bike ride in the frigid arctic air that has enveloped us for the last few days. The bonus of this late morning ride, it seemed to be getting warmer. I waited all morning watching Netflix on my iPad watching the temperature go up from -34 to -26. That was my cue to leave, by the time I got to the trailhead it was a... do I say a respectable -24? Hmm, maybe not.

The ride of course was short, with bitter cold it's best not to plan for long epic river valley adventures. Plus I am still in you know... Hideous shape. A bonus of cold weather riding. No crowds! Mind you most of Winter is pretty much crowdless, which makes me happier than an Ed Hardy boy in the Axe body spray aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart.

A small highlight was watching a squirrel run around the snow as I sat midway up a hill trying to catch my lungs from spilling out. A small moment in nature captured which would have never been witnessed if I stayed on Netflix for the day. River valley 1 -- Couch at Home 0.

thanks for tuning in for 1000 posts, or however many you have been around for, we promise many more riveting potty break photos to keep you on the edge of your seats just like the one above

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